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Sara-and-SpencerNames: Sara (28) & Spencer Rosen (35) Professions: Sara: Marketing Events Coordinator, Brandes Investment Partners, Spencer: CEO, Energy Integrity Serena is a top notch professional both as an instructor and as a dancer, and to top it off, she is a beautiful person inside and out! We had the privilege of working with her on choreography for our surprise wedding dance. Serena’s energy is infectious, and it was so much fun to work with her. We were blown away by her efficiency, and it confirmed that she truly is the best salsa instructor that San Diego has to offer. She taught us was more in one hour than our previous teacher taught us in 3 weeks. Our friends and family were very impressed by our dance moves, and we have Serena to thank for making us look good on our wedding day! We are so fortunate that she calls San Diego home.

-Sara & Spencer

TestimonialBauriI had the opportunity to train with Serena since July of 2014. Working with her has definitely taken my dancing to the next level!! She gave me the confidence and ability to compete in the 2015 World Salsa Summit. With her coaching, we were able to place 2nd in the Pro-Am Male Salsa Showcase On1 category. I look forward to more training with Serena in the future!

  -B. Bauri

Being part of the academy has allowed me to grow both as a dancer and a person. Serena Cuevas and her staff provide a fun, friendly, and comfortable environment, where I can relax and focus on improving my dancing and building confidence in myself simultaneously. The academy as a whole is like a supportive family, who is always there for support and encouragement. I know that every time I step into the academy, I am prepared to learn something new to incorporate into my dancing and daily life. I highly recommend joining this academy, as each person sees their growth and progress through each and every class and performance.

-Araceli Cervantes, 24 Senior Credentialing Analyst

tiffMy journey with Deseo began one night when I watched the ladies of Deseo practice as I was waiting for another dance class to start. I loved watching the high energy dancing with the amazing styling that Deseo is known for. From that point on, I was hooked, I knew that I definitely wanted to become part of Deseo.

After attending the first “audition/workshop”, I realized that Deseo was completely different from the other dance classes that I have taken, but different in a good way. It taught me how to use my body in dance in ways that I have never learned before. It’s challenging at times, but I love every minute of it! I absolutely love going to rehearsals on Tuesdays and Saturdays and sweating my booty off learning new and fun choreography. The instructors at Deseo have great techniques and ways of teaching that allow anyone to be able to learn how to dance. I love all the sass and sexiness that Deseo teaches during class.

I’m so glad that I became a part of Deseo

-T. Chan,23 Full time Student

SilvaAs I was attending school to major in Business Administration I was working for kids after school program and kids camp in the summer. That is where I found my love and natural ability to work with children. I was part of creating a program that soon became the model for all the after school programs to follow. My love for working with kids became apparent and soon after that I was running kids programs with over 100 children.

Seven years ago I became a mother, at that time I was working as a manager for Target and that is when we decided it would be best if I stayed home with our new baby. As a very fortunate stay at home mom I decided to start a small photography business that would work well with my busy mom schedule. I am now a mom of two wonderful little girls which I adore. I am so excited to be part of the kids program at Alacrity, I have the opportunity to continue my love for working with little ones!

-Viridiana Silva, 33 Photographer

AlluraI LOVE DESEO DANCE CO.! It’s the one company where I feel comfortable and challenged at the same time. Serena pushes me to the fullest to become the performer that I want to be. Deseo provides you the opportunity to perform all over the world.

-Allura Garis, 22, Full time student

Serena-Cathy“After ten years of procrastinating on learning how to dance salsa and bachata, I finally met Serena and Violeta. They were teaching one Wednesday night at Marriott in La Jolla. I fell in love with their techniques and ways of teaching that the next thing I know, I am signed up as part of the Deseo Dance Academy’s Team.

I must say that this has been a VERY positive influence in my recent social life! I have learned a lot, met some very good people, developed wonderful friendships and even got a few clients for my own business. I am very grateful for Alacrity Fitness and Deseo Dance Academy. They have my full support in conquering their goals.”

– C. Hayes, 32 Entrepeneur – BookByte

sara-I fell in love with Serena’s dance class when I first came for a trial on her level 1 salsa team. Even with very limited Salsa steps involved, I could see how Serena can make the basics totally sexy. I know I can choose from a variety of offers from Salsa to Bachata,from Samba to Tango, from basic technics to choreographed performance dances. The combination of Salsa technics and beautifully choreographed has quickly improved my skills and confidence! I can’t wait to apply all the beautiful styling I’ve picked up in social dancing and look forward to try the other classes.

Serena also creates a harmonious and inviting environment for people to learn. She is always patient, positive and encouraging. I think I’ve found a good place for me to enjoy and learn!

-Sarah, 44, Marketing Professional

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